Wednesday Worship

Wednesdays at Faith✟Journey are a unique experience designed to be cross generational where we can all meet up at the middle point of our week rub shoulders and check in with each other.

During the school year, Wednesdays serve as the focal point of the week for our Compass Ministry Group (Middle School).  Worship is an opportunity, then, for folks of all ages to mix and mingle as one people of God.  Worship begins at 6:30 pm.

Worship Begins at 6:00 (Memorial day wknd - Labor Day) and, weather permitting, is in our East Parking Lot.  In the summer we sponsor a Food and Fellowship Summer Series.  One the first and third Wednesday of the month there will be food and fellowship.  

For more information on how we are keeping folks safe, see the COVID-19-NEWS-HUB

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Midweek worship is designed with all age groups in mind.  We hope that it provides a place of solace and peace as we all transit the mid-point of the week.

Additionally, Wednesday Worship provides a touch point for those who are not able to worship on Sunday.

Music is led by our Worship Band and the messages are designed to be uplifting and relevant to where you are in life.

In the summer months we have some neat activities planned to be a part of worship like Bar-B-Qs, Ice Cream Socials, Campfires and a whole lot more....

Wednesdays provide an opportunity for all people to take a break from the week and lean into the word of God.  In the worship service, particular Biblical teachings are highlighted as part of our Compass Youth's Catechism and to enrich those who are "post-confirmation."  Wednesdays also provide an opportunity for Adults to gather in Bible study and fellowship.  

Adult Opportunities