There are three essential truths of ministry in the 21st Century

1) We need your financial support to accomplish the mission that God has given to us to:

✟ Equip followers with relevant faith for 21st Century life

✟ Connect followers to each other and the world in  authentic ways

✟ Empower followers to serve in the name of Jesus

It is an unfortunate truth that ministry happens - real, life changing ministry -  where there are the resources (both personal and financial) to fund it.

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2) We need to express heart-felt thanks to you for supporting Faith✟Journey with your faithful & generous gifts. Without you and people like you - that entrust the treasure of your hands into the ministry of the church, most, if not all, of what we do would go undone.  You are the reason that Faith✟Journey is accomplishing what we are in the lives of so many.

3) Many people do not have a firm, grounded idea of what it means to financially support their home congregation.  How does one figure out the level to which one supports the church?  Is $5/week appropriate?  How do I know?  For some help in this area -  CLICK HERE

In all cases, we want you to know that because of your financial support, incredible things are being done through the ministries of Faith✟Journey.  Because of you - the mission and ministry of FaithJourney is fully supported and lives are being touched and transformed.  We are equipping people every day with relevant faith for living life in the 21st century. We are building and strengthening the connections we share with other real, authentic people.  And we are empowering people to live out their discipleship in real ways that make a difference in their lives in the this community; living, loving and serving in the name of Jesus!

We strive to make it easy for people to support the ministries of Faith✟Journey.  We realize that not everyone wants to give in the same way and, for some, there are ways of giving that folks are no longer familiar with.  Rev. Dr. Mark Allen Powell (ELCA Seminary Professor) wrote, "The Sunday offering is a worship event that provides us with the opportunity for expressing our love to God in the purest way imaginable, by giving up something that we value."  Supporting God's work here is good for us - it gives us the needed resources to do ministry and it is good for you by strengthening faith through spiritual exercises.

Below there are a list of avenues through which you can support Faith✟Journey...simply click on the area you would like to know more about...Thank You!

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