Making Plans....

Funerals and memorial services are important components of celebrating the life of a loved on, working through the grief and pain of loss and laying claim to the promise of Baptism. It is not necessary to be a member to have a service at FJLC. Since one rarely knows when a funeral may occur, we make every effort to accommodate the needs of the family.

The funeral is important for four different but related reasons.  

  • It gives all who knew and loved the departed an opportunity to come together in a safe and loving environment to grieve.  Many times we have emotions related to sorrow, loss and even anger. The church provides a place to express ourselves in real and authentic ways in the presence of God and of those we know.
  • The Funeral/Memorial service gives us all the opportunity to acknowledge that this particular chapter in our lives has come to a close and we can say farewell to a good and faithful servant.  
  • The Funeral/Memorial service is a time to give thanks and praise to God for allowing us to love and be loved, to journey on life's pathway with the departed.  We are who we are because of the people in our lives and we thank God for allowing us to know and to love them as we have been known and loved by them. But most of all we thank God for the promise of the resurrection to new life!!
  • This sacred time allows the community to celebrate the promise of baptism and remember our own baptisms and the promise of eternal life with those we love in the Kingdom which will have no end


Pre-Planning  is a process that can be a bit uncomfortable but also can be a real blessing - especially for your family members.  Pre-planning gives you time to think about the form and flow of the service as well as pick meaningful Scripture readings, hymns and ask people to speak at the service.  Pre-Planning also relieves your family of the stress of making many decisions in times of pain and stress.  

Funeral Worksheet

If you would like, you can download the worksheet and complete it. If it would be helpful, one of our pastors will be happy to walk with you though this step.  It will also be helpful to have family with you at the time that you complete the form.  Then, at your convenience,  you can mail or give the completed form to us here at the office and we will keep it for you until it is needed.

You may be assured, that when there is a death in your family, the people and pastors of Faith✟Journey Lutheran Church are here to stand with you and support you.


Please  our church office 701.282.3309  upon the death of a loved one. If it is not during regular office hours, please don’t hesitate to follow the prompts to reach the emergency pastoral cell phone. A pastor will call you back as soon as they are able.  For those in our church family - we would hope that we have already been walking with you during this time, however, there are cases when things transpire suddenly, and when they do, please do not hesitate to contact your pastor.


The pastor you are working with, along with our office staff, will help guide you through the planning process of the service including making recommendations for music, Scripture readings, and a reception if you choose to have one. The pastor will meet with you at the Funeral Home and, if you desire, help you make plans for the prayer service which usually takes place on the evening prior to the memorial service.

There are some nominal reception fees and honoraria associated with the funeral and reception.  There are never fees for the use of the Church Worship Center for anyone.  The Church office will be happy to assist you.

The staff of Faith+Journey will walk with you during this time and assist you

as you chart this course.  

Please do not hesitate to contact us - 

we are here for you.