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There are a wide variety of giving opportunities at FJLC.  We are sure that we have something that meets up with your passion of ministry.   

Core Operations this fund is what has been called in the past the "general budget."  It is from these dollars that we pay for the property, utilities, salaries, ministry, and the expense that come with managing a large congregation.

The following Funds are  "designated funds " which means that these funds are sequestered from being used for what should be covered by the Core Operations Fund.

Care and Share:  is designated to help agencies in our community alleviate burdans and help those in need.

Noisy Offering: This offering is taken every Sunday and we encourage the children to participate, actively, in this offering.  We have a metal container for this offering so that the kids can come and make a joyful noise as they drop coins and currency in the container. The Proceeds of this offering goes directly to our Tanzania ministry supporting our sponsored children.

Designated Funds

Memorial Funds:  These are giving in honor and memory of a loved on - usually collected at the time of the funeral - however - they can be given at any time and directed to any fund you wish or left "undesignated" and used where most needed.

• Rachel CT Fund of Education and Faith Formation - This fund is named for our former Minister of Faith Formation and are used for Educational and Ministry grants for youth in our Faith Formation Ministry for camps, conferences, retreats, ects.

• Facility Enhancement - Funds used to improve, update and repair the facility.

• Kitchen Improvement - Funds used to repair, maintain, and improve the church kitchens

• Ministry Advancement - Funds used to assist staff in advancing their ministry at Faith✟Journey.  Funds may also be used to assist ministry in progress, equipment, and programs.

• Caring Ministry - Funds used to assist the Caring Ministry Team in their work.

• Worship Enhancement - Funds used to enhance the worship experience for our members and those who are yet to worship with us as we seek to offer worship services for a 21st century audience.

• Building and Capitol Fund - Used for building and expansion projects