Your First Visit @ FJLC

What should I expect when I arrive?  

It's no big secret, not everyone has a church background and the first visit to an established congregation can be intimidating. Many do not know what to expect. "Will they want my address?" "Will I have to stand up and introduce myself?" and "What should I wear?" are common questions that people ask themselves. It can be scary to visit a church for the first time, however, it does not need to be. In fact, it should not be - and we do everything we can to make FJLC an open and welcoming community of faith.

So, what can you expect when you visit FaithJourney?

We welcome everyone who gathers with us for worship, seeks us for care and comfort, desires a relationship with God &  joins with us in the ministry of healing and hope!   

Of those who gather for worship, some are first time guests - some are long time members. 

Some are seeking a new relationship with God - some are mature in their faith. 

Some are certain of their faith - some have many doubts and questions.

However, all of us long to be reminded that we are loved & cherished by God. 

God graciously meets us in this time of worship and it is the Holy Spirit that makes possible our prayerful, musical worship. God's work of shaping lives for serving others is begun anew among us each and every time we gather. 

We gather in two locations, but we are one family - hopefully - no matter what your tastes are, you will find a service and a location that will be engaging and uplifting for you


Maps of our West Fargo • Downtown Campus

Upper Level

Lower Level

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What to Expect When You Visit

• You will be welcomed with a friendly face as one of God's precious children.  Whatever your background - you are welcome here.  


• You will meet and connect with some of the neatest people you have ever met!

• You can wear whatever you feel is comfortable - but we do ask that you wear something....just saying.

• You will not be contacted by us unless you give us your permission

• You will experience great music 

• You will be welcomed to participate in all our ministries at whatever level you are comfortable.

• You will hear a relevant message that you can apply to your life today

• Your children will be welcomed to worship with you.  You will never be asked to remove your kids from worship.  We have ample space in both locations for your kids to relax, roam around and enjoy the time together with family.

• You will not be asked for your moneyIn fact, we ask that visitors and guest not contribute financially to the offering. The Offering is the sole source of support for the mission and ministry of Faith+Journey. Those who have committed to being members of Faith+Journey, those who call Faith+Journey their home are given the responsibility and privilege of financially supporting the work of God through Faith✟Journey. If you decided that you would like to bless us with a financial gift, we will graciously and thankfully receive it - we do not, however, want you to feel like we expect you to. The collected gifts are used to support the work of the congregation, to pay staff, provide resource for ministry and support many local, benevolent organizations in our community, the nation and internationally.

• You will not be asked to stand up and introduce yourself. If you’re visiting for the first time, no one will ask you to stand up and introduce yourself. We promise! Relax, find a good seat, and focus on worshiping God with us. We would love to know you’re here, and you can tell us by filling out the tear-off “Connection Card” on the weekly bulletin and dropping it in the offering baskets.

• You will be surrounded by a community that welcomes you wherever you are in life's journey

• You will not have to wear a name tag (unless you want to...)

• You will be our guest at the Fellowship Cafe as we share refreshments following our worship service (and you will be given some free stuff too!)

I’m not a Lutheran. Can I still come to church? Yes! We welcome anyone and everyone into our family of faith regardless of denomination.

What is the Worship Service like? 

  • Our Traditional Sunday Worship (9:00 am) is piano and organ led and often features a choral or instrumental groups.  We use the liturgy as a guide to navigating the worship service, sing hymns from our ELW Hymnal, celebrate confession and forgiveness and share Holy Communion every week.
  • Our Contemporary Sunday Worship (11 am) and Wednesday (6:30 pm) are led by our Worship Bands. Both Sunday Worships last around an hour and Wednesday Worships last around 45 minutes.  We celebrate with praise songs, share a Bible lesson and teach using 3 to 4 week sermon series.

You are welcome to come to any worship that bests fits your worship style. We celebrate Holy Communion every Sunday.

We know that there is a lot to think about when one contemplates a visit to a church. We hope that getting some of this "stuff" out of the way here has been a help to you as you ponder visiting with us. Whether you visit FaithJourney or another congregation in the area, we encourage you to dig deeper and explore the feeling inside of you that is calling you to come and meet God among the people of God.

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