Ministry Teams

Unknown truth - the work of the church, the real work, is not accomplished by the professional clergy.  Pastors have their special tasks that they are called to - however - everyone is called by God to perform the works of the Kingdom.  At FJLC we invite everyone to join in the ministry of the church - partnering to accomplish the mission of our church.

Another truth - volunteering feels good!  It gives us a sense of purpose to know that we have made a difference! Giving our time does not require any special talent - only a willingness to step in and take a swim with others just like you...of course there will be people that you will be more accomplished than - and there will be others that you will learn from.  That is the beauty of volunteering - you accomplish something, feel good about yourself, share some of your knowledge and learn something too!  

If you would like to identify some of the ministries within Faith✟Journey in which you might like to volunteer - click on the link below, fill out the form and remember to press the submit button at the end. You will be contacted by one of ministry leaders within the areas that you indicated interest...and the rest, as they say, is history...


How do I get Involved?

We have a variety of teams that participate in the life of the church.  Our Teams are project based, that is, we want you to feel good about achieving a goal - not just sitting on a committee for the rest of eternity.

Each Team has a staff member to help guide the work of the team, but the teams determine what they would like to do and when they would like to do it.

Download Current Ministry Team Listing

When you find a place that peaks your interest, simply contact the church office and we will put you in contact with the leader of the team that you are interested in so that you can speak with them about where you would like to be involved.  Each follower of Jesus needs to have inlets and outlets for their faith to be as alive as God intended.  We pour faith into our lives though worship and study and we pour out our faith in service to the church and others.