The Faith✟Foundation



The FaithFoundation of FaithJourney Lutheran Church was established as the Endowment fund of the Congregation in 1985 and is a separate 501[c][3] non-profit organization.  

Gifts left to the FaithFoundation are kept in perpetuity using the proceeds of the fund to be distributed in accordance the the mission of the Church and the by-laws of the FaithFoundation.  Your gift to the FaithFoundation is one that will continue to "give" for many, many years to come.

Your gift allows the ministry of FaithJourney to continue and extend beyond many of the expectations of members of the community.  You will help make a difference in the lives of many different people through your legacy of ministry.  The FaithFoundation does not fund the operational expenses of the church - it is a way that many ministries not supported by the operational fund, can be supported and funded though the FaithFoundation.

There are many tax advantages to supporting the FaithFoundation with your gift of life insurance, mutual funds, property, stocks, bonds. The ND Tax Credit Incentive allows for up to a 40% ND tax credit for gifts given.

The FaithFoundation supports many different ministries within and related to the FaithJourney Family.  Disbursements are made in several key areas of ministry:

                                       • Youth Faith Formation

                                       • Education

                                       • Ministry Advancement

                                       • Social Engagement

Frequently Asked Questions

• How do I make a FaithFoundation contribution?

Contributions can be made in the form of cash gifts, naming the FaithFoundation in your will or estate plan, naming the FaithFoundation as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy, as well as gifts of real estate or stocks and bonds.


• Why should I consider making a gift to the FaithFoundation?

Some common reasons include: to memorialize a loved one, to serve as an expression of the gratitude toward the FaithJourney congregation, or to expand our congregation’s mission through expanded opportunities to develop programming and ministries at FaithJourney Lutheran.


• Is my contribution to the FaithFoundation tax deductible?

YES! The FaithFoundation is a 501(c)(3) organization. Gifts of cash may be deducted up to 50% of your adjusted gross income for the year. The market value of appreciated securities donated may generally be deducted in full. For specific tax implications, please consult your tax specialist.


• How does giving to the FaithFoundation relate to FaithJourney Lutheran’s annual pledge giving?

As it continues to grow, the FaithFoundation is able to response when needs arise within the church or community and funding isn’t available for those needs in the annual budget. 


• How do I distinguish a gift to the FaithFoundation from a donation to FaithJourney Lutheran Church?

Cash gifts, stock, life insurance, mutual funds, etc. intended for the FaithFoundation should be specifically indicated as a gift for the Foundation. FaithFoundation operates as a separate entity from FaithJourney Lutheran Church.


• How large is the FaithFoundation?

Currently, the Foundation holds over $390,000 in assets. Only the income accumulated from those assets is used to support the mission of the Foundation.


• Did you know…

• Donations that the FaithFoundation receives are invested to generate an annual earnings stream. The earnings stream is used to further the Foundation’s mission, therefore, creating a gift that continues to give year-after-year.

• Estate gifts that FaithJourney receives each year are currently used as part of the ongoing mission plan of the church...after we tithe (give 10%) of the gift away to the community.

• Many people name FaithJourney in their charitable donations portion of their estate each year, but

        Faith✟Journey and the FaithFoundation are two separate entities.

If you would like more information about the FaithFoundation, what it can accomplish and the tax advantages that you could receive with your support of the Fund, we invite you to contact our Parish Administrator (701.282.3309) and you will be placed in contact  with one of the FaithFoundation Trustees.  We strongly suggest that you contact your own financial advisor as well who may be able to answer many questions about the advantages of supporting the FaithFoundation.  If you would like to contact the Trustees directly, you are always welcome to email them at