COvid-19 Resource Hub

Given the fluid and rapidly changing nature of the Covid-19 pandemic, the latest information that we have on FJLC ministries will be consolidated here.  We will also provide resources for you to use as you make your own decisions about attending worship or any other ministry that FJLC offers.

With the trending good numbers in Cass County and the increased availability of the Vaccine - Faith✟Journey is now open worship for in-person option for those who would like to attend in person.  All CoVid protocols are still in place so we ask folks attending in person to continue to wear your mask, socially distance, and refrain from gathering inside the building.


We will still observe an Inside the Building Mask Mandate (even though West Fargo no longer requires it) unless you are unable to wear a mask for medical reasons.  We will be observing social distancing and we have set up the Fellowship Hall with a live feed (no delay) if we need more room for worshippers.  

• January 17 we will returned to the FJLC "normal" worship schedule - Sunday 9 am Traditional and 11 am Contemporary and Wednesday 6:30 pm.   All members and visitors are requested to observe social distance, closed pews and facemasks

• April 1, Church Facility Open for Church sponsored Events all CoVid protocols are still in place.  

• The staff hallway remains locked - if you wish to speak with a staff member - please check in at the front office and the staff member will come out to the lobby to meet you.  

• All of our worship services and other gatherings will continue to be live-streamed and archived so that you can either watch live or come back at a later time and view any of our worship services.  See the Worship Video Page for all of our Worship Videos.

• Holy Communion will continue to be celebrated using sealed individual cups.  

• Beginning May 30th - Summer Worship Schedule will be:  Sunday, 9am Traditional; Sunday, 10:30 am Contemporary outdoor (weather permitting); Wednesday 6pm Blended

As the people of God - we understand and accept that there are differing opinions moving forward and we will do everything that we can to accommodate  the needs of the people of FJLC as well as those who are seeking a relationship with God through our ministries..