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We know that different people have different tastes when it comes to the style of the worship experience. While the message remains the same, @FJLC we enjoy a wide variety of worship experiences. 

Worship is the central activity of the community of our faith and every ministry of FJLC finds its genesis in the communal act of worshipping God. Through Worship we are energized, enriched, engaged and challenged to serve as the presence of Jesus in our homes, places of work & play, and within the community of the church.

Our worship is an evolving experience in which we are always striving to provide a dynamic and spiritual worship experience joining time honored liturgies and fresh expressions of our faith. Our goal is to provide an experience that is relevant to life, comforting for the afflicted and afflicting to the comfortable.

The links below provide a brief description of each of our worship gatherings. We strive to ensure that there is something for everyone. If you don't find what you are looking for or you have suggestions for something new and different - give us a shout. You can use our online connection card to communicate directly with our staff.

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Worship gatherings @ FaithJourney

Fall  Worship Schedule Begins the SUnday following Labor Day Weekend and

goes through Sunday prior to Memorial Day Weekend

                               2nd Ave Campus                                              

                             Wednesday, 6:30 pm                                    LOCATE FAITH+Journey                                         Sunday 9:00 & 11:00 am

Summer Worship Schedule Begins the Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend

and ends on the Sunday of Labor Day Weekend

                              2nd Ave Campus                                             

                              Wednesday, 6:00 pm (food and fellowship on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday

                                                                See Schedule Here

                               Sunday 9:00

                               Sunday 10:30 am (Outdoor Worship*)

*Worship Services are held outdoor weather permitting

What Can You Expect

A typical worship gathering is 60-70 minutes in length and includes worship music, announcements,  offering and a Bible-based message that’s relevant to your life. 

Attire is casual and all are welcome.  

Traditional Gatherings

Provides a liturgical experience that includes responsive readings,  sung liturgy and familiar hymns.

Contemporary Gatherings

Worship is led by a worship team that has drums, bass,  keyboard, guitars and singers. Dress is casual.

Holy Communion

We celebrate Holy Communion every week at our Sunday Worship Gatherings.  Everyone is welcome to join us in sharing the meal regardless of age, church membership or denominational background.  All that is required is a desire to receive Jesus in, with and under the elements of Communion.