Resumming In Person Worship

The Plan for Resuming In Person Worship

Things are rapidly changing and conversations with other lead us to consider things unthought of previously. The ELCA has set out some guidelines for worship resumption. Some of these guidelines would make worship a non-event, like suspension of singing, responsive reading (the liturgy) and many other aspects of worship that make it worship. You can see the guidelines in totality by going clicking on this link:

Returning to Worship Churchwide recommendations

The pastors and staff will be talking about how we are going to move forward and if a June 7 timeline is still a good target. A quick check of the local churches seems to indicate that not a lot of our brothers and sisters are rushing to get back to in-person worship and a July start may make more sense given the recent projections or CoVid Cases. You can track ongoing cases by clicking on this link:


Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation: 

COVID -19 Projections

When we do resume - our schedule will be:

  • Traditional Worship 9 am (downtown campus),
  • Contemporary Worship 10:30 am (south campus - outdoor),
  • Wednesday Mid Week Worship 6:30pm (Downtown Campus - outdoor)

In the event of bad weather (not like that ever happens in ND) we have made contingencies for moving both outdoor worship indoor. However - because of social distancing issues - we will not have an indoor option for the 10:30 am Sunday Service until that guideline is lifted.

We are also considering adding worship services to our schedule in order to decrease the number of worshippers as any one service and we will continue to live stream all worship services. See the website for a more detailed discussion of the process of moving back to in-person worship.

ND has released some guidelines for worship once we all get started - see the graph on the upper right of this section:

We will be doing everything that we can to observe these guidelines and we will be asking everyone to stay vigilant and observe these common sense guidelines.

The current guidelines issued by the State of ND have stated that churches can re-open for in person worship as long as we can adhere to the following:

The plan that we are proposing has two options:

A) When we feel that we are ready for in-person Worship:

Sunday Worship

9 am Traditional @ 2nd Ave

10:30 Contemporary (outdoor) at 40th

Wednesday Worship

6:30 pm (outdoor) at 2nd

• Indoor Worship- all the above recommendations will be observed. If any of the outdoor worship services are moved indoor - 

we will be adhering to the guidelines.

• For the outdoor options - we will not be setting up chairs but asking folks to bring their own chair or use one of the churches, keeping a 6ft separation between you and your group and the groups next to you. For outdoor worship - there will be no indoor option (like we had last year at 40th)

• There will be no refreshments served, please bring your own coffee and snacks but no sharing please

• In the case of bad weather - we will move the two outdoor worship service indoors, observing the guidelines above

• Face Masks will not be required - but strongly suggested.

In the mean time - our worship Schedule will be (Starting June 7)

Sunday Worship (Virtual)

9 am Traditional

10:30 Contemporary

Wednesday (Virtual)

6:30 pm

Resuming In-Person Worship Survey

We would like your opinion on resuming in-person worship and so we are asking individual members of FJLC to fill out the

worship readiness survey