Resumming In Person Worship

The Plan for Resuming In Person Worship

Things are rapidly changing and conversations with other lead us to consider things unthought of previously. The ELCA has set out some guidelines for worship resumption. Some of these guidelines would make worship a non-event, like suspension of singing, responsive reading (the liturgy) and many other aspects of worship that make it worship. You can see the guidelines in totality by going clicking on this link: Returning to Worship Churchwide recommendations

You can track ongoing cases by clicking on this link:


Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation: 

COVID -19 Projections

As we resume - our schedule for worship during the summer will be:

  • Traditional Worship 9 am (downtown campus),
  • Contemporary Worship 10:30 am (south campus - outdoor),
  • Wednesday Mid Week Worship 6:30pm (Downtown Campus - outdoor)

In the event of bad weather (not like that ever happens in ND) we have made contingencies for moving both outdoor worship indoor. However - because of social distancing issues - we will not have an indoor option for the 10:30 am Sunday Service (like we had last year) until that guideline is lifted.

We are also considering adding worship services to our schedule in order to decrease the number of worshippers as any one service and we will continue to live stream all worship services. See the website for a more detailed discussion of the process of moving back to in-person worship.

ND has released some guidelines for worship once we all get started - see the graph on the upper right corner of the section above.

We will be doing everything that we can to observe these guidelines and we will be asking everyone to stay vigilant and observe these common sense guidelines.

The current guidelines issued by the State of ND have stated that churches can re-open for in person worship as long as we can adhere to the following:

in-person Worship:

Sunday Worship

9 am Traditional @ 2nd Ave

10:30 Contemporary (outdoor) at 40th

Wednesday Worship

6:30 pm (outdoor) at 2nd

First and Foremost - IF YOU DO NOT FEEL COMFORTABLE COMING TO WORSHIP - PLEASE STAY HOME AND WATCH OUR LIVE STREAM.   We do not want people to feel that they "must" come to in-person worship.  We are dedicated to respecting the views of every one and we know that there are many different views and feelings about how and when to move forward.

If you are not feeling well or have been in contact with someone known to have CoVid-19 - please stay home and watch via the live stream.

Individual Responsibility - We are not mandating the wearing of masks - there will be no policing of people - we are counting on each person to do the right thing.  If you cannot or do not wear a mask - then please make sure to keep your distance (at least 20 feet) away from others.   We will not cast aspersions upon anyone for their individual choices.  Martin Luther's explanation to the 8th commandment is very instructive, 

"We should be in such awe of God so that we do not tell lies about our neighbor, betray them, slander them, or hurt their reputation, but defend them, speak well of them, and explain everything in the kindest way."

Social Distancing | Practice social distancing. Always stay at least 6 feet apart from anyone outside of your group. 

• Church Facilities Special Consideration | We have some of our staff who are at very high risk for the virus.  In order to protect their health, and provide a safe, sanitized work space, we have taken some extra precautions.  For the safety of those who are high risk, we need to ask that all who come into our building adhere to these guidelines:

  • The corridor/hallway where the offices and restroom are located has been made OFF LIMITS at all times to anyone who is not an employee.  This includes using this hallway on Sundays as a shortcut to the alley!
  • The south door leading to the alley will be locked on Sundays during worship.  We request that all parishioners entering the building use only the West or East doors in order to avoid any possibility of contamination of the employee area/offices.
  • On Wednesday evenings, the south door will be unlocked only for guests who may need access to the restroom (through the lower level corridor below the offices and across from the fellowship hall) 

We sincerely thank you for helping us to keep our staff safe and healthy!  

• Indoor Worship- all the above recommendations will be observed.  Please observe distancing signage and seating arrangements.

• If you use the elevator at 2nd ave - please sanitize your hands before and after entering/exiting

 Seating in the worship space has been limited - please observe the closed pews and keep 6 ft between you/your family and others while seated.

• Communion will be celebrated - only the pastors will be distributing and there will be a "sealed" option at the 9 am for those desiring.  For the sake of movement - at the outdoor worship services - we will be offering communion using the sealed option until further notice.  Soon, we will have a glutton free option - however - until they arrive we will still be using the glutton free wafers.   The pastors will be giving a lot of directions - please do your best to follow their instructions as they are for the protection of all.

The Pastors will not be "mingling" with you before and after the Worship - this is done too simply to observe social distance and minimize potential contact - since we tend to be around more people than the average.  Believe me we don't like this either....

If any of the outdoor worship services are moved indoor - 

we will be adhering to the guidelines mentioned above. We are asking that people set up their on chairs (this applies only to 40th ave)

The Office Wing of the Church will be closed during worship, including the bathroom.  The South Alleyway entrance will also be closed/locked.  

The West and East Entries will be open.

• For the outdoor options - we will not be setting up chairs but asking folks to bring their own chair or use one of the churches, keeping a 6ft separation between you and your group and the groups next to you. For outdoor worship  because of space limitations - there will be no indoor option (like we had last year at 40th)

• There will be no refreshments served, please bring your own coffee and snacks but no sharing please

• Hymnals and Bibles will be available in the  worship space.  We are asking that those desiring a worship bulletin would print out and bring their own or download them to your smart device.  

Bulletins will be available on the Worship Resources Download Page

• Please observe and adhere to the signage indicating direction of movement in and out of the worship space,  - this is done to minimize traffic and mingling.

• Face Masks will not be required - but strongly suggested.  Remember that you might not be wearing your mask for yourself - but you are being a good neighbor to those who are comforted by seeing you in a mask. If you plan on singing we STRONGLY encourage you to wear your mask.

• Please bring your own hand sanitizer and utilize it often

• Sharing of the Peace   will be done virtually....