Connecting with people, where they are in life, is what we are all about.   The strength of our community is rooted in the deep connections and relationships we have with one another.

If you have questions about our ministries, would like to be included on the FJLC mailing list, would like some information about a program or would simply like someone to contact you we would love to hear from you.  There are a number of ways you can connect with us: 

(1) You can submit your request using our Online Connection Card. You are welcome to fill in as much information as you would like - whatever you feel comfortable sharing with us. 

We would love to be able to connect with you in ways that are meaningful and on your terms.  Rest assured, that the information you share with us is secure and will not be shared, rented, leased, borrowed, bartered, given, traded or sold to anyone - of course, you are more than welcome to share our information with everyone you know!! 

(2) You can use any of the connection information below: