Ways to Give - Simply Giving

The Simply Giving® Program is endorsed by Thrivent Federal Credit Union, administrated by Vanco and is designed to help you conveniently, regularly and securely make your contribution to Faith✟Journey Lutheran Church.


Through the Simply Giving Program, your gifts are made through a preauthorized withdrawal from your bank account and you are always in complete control of the transactions.

Give on Your Terms

You determine the frequency of your automatic payment – weekly, semi-monthly or monthly. Your payment is deposited into the Faith✟Journey's bank account on the same day it is withdrawn from your account.

You can also make one-time gifts - with no requirement to make any continuing gifts - the choice is always yours.

Easy Giving You Can Count On

  • Convenience – Payment will still be made if you are out of town or on vacation.
  • Security – No lost or stolen checks.
  • Environmentally and Wallet Friendly – Save on checks, envelopes and postage.

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