GIFT is our innovative replacement for traditional Sunday school. Parents are an integral part of this system and attend every week with their children.  GIFT stands for "Generations in Faith Together."  For far too long have parents been separated from the faith education of their children.  At FJLC - we hold that the first and primary educators of the faith are the parents.  We are here to walk along side parents as they strive to fulfill the promises made at the baptism of their children to:

"live with them among God's holy people,

bring them to the Word of God's house and the holy supper,

teach them the Lord's prayer, the creeds and the 10 Commandments,

place in their hands the Holy Scriptures and provide for their instruction in the Christian faith,

nurture them in faith and prayer so, that as they grow in years, they will learn to trust God and proclaim Christ"

Each GIFT session includes song, Bible readings, teaching, parent involvement and a time to make a craft.  The theme for this year is "Into the Promise Land."

The curriculum we use is called Bible Song from Faith Inkubators©.


When and Where

  • Wednesday: 6:00PM (starts in worship) - 7:15PM  at the Downtown Campus
  • OR

  • Sunday: 9:45AM-11:00AM at the Downtown Campus
  • For more information please contact our Minister of Youth Discipleship, Rachel Fay Kapphahn, at the church office ph |  701.282.3309 ex 304 or by email | rkapphahan@growinfaith.org