Good food, Good Drink, Great Conversation

Each fourth Thursday Evening

(Except Nov is will be on the 3rd Thursday)

Theology by the Slice at FaithJourney is an opportunity for people to gather in a public place to have in-depth conversations about our faith and daily life. It is a wonderful way to foster a theological view of the world and or our lives, not by being told what to believe, rather by engaging in discussions with faith at the center.  

We meet at Ole and Lena's Pizzeria in West Fargo (3330 Sheyenne St, West Fargo, ND) beginning at 6:30.  We share food and conversations around a prepared topic.  Conversations are casual and everyone is encouraged to bring their thoughts to the table.

The focus is not on defending one's view - but sharing and being open to hear the opinions of others, finding opportunities for conversation and understanding.  If you would like more information - contact our Pastor for Mission and Congregational Connections - the Rev. Tawanda Murinda

TBtS@FJLC has three goals:

  • to engage in relaxed and guided conversation about interesting and often kinda profound theological topics;
  • to enjoy some of the very best food and drink around;
  • to do it all with some of the finest people you will ever meet!  

We meet in public places, enjoy good food, drink and conversation and invite others to join us as we talk about issues of faith and the "real world." This is an open group that meets where people are and where church people often are not....We don't seek to convince one another of our rightness, we talk, share where we stand,  and invite others to let us know where they stand.... 

Of course there is no admission to be a part of the group  - food and drink are the responsibility of each person. 

Most of the venues are family friendly and also provide food.  The typical  evening schedule is:

  • 6:30pm Meet at location/Socialize/Eat
  • 7:00pm Topic Introduction and Conversations
  • 7:45pm Closing
  • 8:00pm Homeward bound

If you would like more information about ToT@FJLC - please don't hesitate to contact the church office (701.282.3309) or email Pr. T @