FaithJourney Development

What is Faith✟Journey Development?

Faith Development is the term we use at Faith✟Journey that some other places might call "Stewardship."  The Development of our Faith is strengthened as we come to appreciate the role we play in the life all around us.  First and foremost - we acknowledge that everything that is was created by and belongs to God.  We are care-takers and managers of the resources the God has blessed us with - including our finances.

Supporting the church is, at its very heart, an act of faith and faith, like many other aspects of our life, is something that requires attention, tending to, and is developed over time.

@Faith✟Journey we are not shy about talking about money. Why? Because Jesus talked about money - a lot.  In fact - Jesus talked more about money that he talked about faith and prayer combined! God knows and Jesus knew that there is a strong connection between our attitudes about money and the health of our faith.

Why Care about Money?

We care about money because God cares. What does care about money? A good way to remember what God cares about in terms of money is to use the acronym ARMS. God cares about how we; 

  • Acquire Money (what we do to get it)
  • Regard Money (what we believe about it)
  • Manage Money and (how we live with it)
  • Spend Money (how we allocate it)

Why does God care about these things? Because at the heart of our understanding of our relationship with God, we know that "our" money is not really ours - it is God’s. We are simply managers and caretakers of what does not belong to us. 

God created us, God created our talents and abilities, God created our jobs and gifted us with the time and energy to do our jobs. Basically - everything we have is God's and what we do with God’s stuff should be pleasing to God, serve others,  and give glory (show others what God is like) to God.

It's all about the Mission

We do not expect anyone to financially support Faith✟Journey "just because"

Just because we ought to

Just because we always have

Just because it looks good

We want people to support the work of this congregation because they are as passionate about what we are doing in this community and the world as we are.  We firmly believe that this congregation is not just another gathering of like minded people - we are the body of Christ, the physical presence of the Word of God in this place and we are called to do the work Jesus does.  So, wherever a person is in their life - we will

Equip them with Relevant Faith for 21st Century life

Connect them with other Real People

Empower them to Serve in Jesus Name

that is out mission, that is our calling.  It is at the heart of everything we do.  

We are here to make a tangible difference in people's lives.