"Wherever you are, 

Faith✟Journey Lutheran Church will

Equip you with relevant faith for 21st century life"

The ministries of the FaithJourney Community serve to enrich, support and challenge our lives as disciples.  Faith is meant to be more than a philosophical exercise of self improvement. More than a soundbite, more than a  nostalgic platitude. Faith that does not apply to real life is useless.

We live in a fast paced, information intensive and technological world - a world unlike anything that humanity has seen before.  It is the goal of the Equip Ministries of FaithJourney to provide opportunities to all people to enrich and deepen their faith so that it is a useful resource navigating the real world in which we all live.

Like many other tools for living life abundantly, faith does us no good if it is not relevant, real and relational.  We teach and preach a practical faith, something that is going to be useful in your life today and tomorrow - a faith that speaks to real issues that we encounter each and every day. 

Below are three links to the Equipping Ministries of FaithJourney.  If there is gaps that you notice in what we have to offer - please do not hesitate to point those out.  We want our ministry to be fresh, nimble and adaptable to the life of those who are in our midst.

Equipping Ministries of FaithJourney

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