Touching Lives - Making a Difference

The third statement of our mission is "empower you to serve in the name of Jesus."  The ultimate goal of all that we do here at FJLC is to take the love of God in Jesus out in to the world and serve those in need.  We never want the church to be an ivory tower where like minded people meet with others to simply agree with one another.

  Rather,  the church is the place where the people of God get energized to go into the world and touch lives in the name of Jesus - making a difference in our homes, schools, community and world.

There are many ways that we multiply the efforts of our people into concentrated impact in the community.  Through the efforts of our Social Ministry Team, your time and resource can be joined with others and directed in ways that really have an impact in the community.

Faith✟Journey supports the community through regular interaction with:

• ELCA World Hunger  • Dorthy Day Center  • Habitat for Humanity • Churches United for the Homeless • Thrivent Builds  • Great Plains Food Bank  • Fargo/Moorehead Coalition for the Homeless   • New Life Center  • Youth Works  • Rape and Crisis Center            • Gladys Rea Homeless Shelter  • FJLC Community Garden  • The God Squad  • YWCA Women's Shelter  • Coat Drive  • Souper Bowl of Caring    • Furniture Mission • Ronald McDonald House  and many others throughout the year

If you have a passion to put your faith to work in concrete ways, to be the hands, arms, and feet of Jesus in the world - Community Impact is the perfect place for you.

For more information and to placed in touch with our Community Involvement Team Leader call the church office (701.282.3309), email us at or fill out the Online Connection Card.