The Story of FaithJourney

The Story of FaithJourney began in 1926.  As many stories go, a small group of dedicated people saw the need for a Christ-centered community to serve the faith needs of the West Fargo area - and beyond.  There were 95 charter members, which represented 42 families.  Services were officially begun in October 1935.  From those beginnings, FaithJourney is now a congregation of 3,000 members across two campuses in West Fargo.

Over the years, facilities been improved, furniture has been rearranged and many things have changed.  However, the message of the Good News of Jesus has always remained the core and center of the life and work of FaithJourney.

We are one family with two locations.  We gather for worship at ou 2nd Avenue Campus on Wednesdays @ 6:30pm, Saturday @ 5:00pm and Sunday Morning @ 8:30 and 11:00am.  Sunday Worship is also available at our 40th Avenue location  @ 10:00 am.  

Our Mission

Mission Statement: This communicates why we believe we exist. Without a mission - we don’t need to be here. So a mission statement is unique to this community and it reflects our understanding of our call to ministry. 

Wherever you are on your journey, Faith+Journey Lutheran Church will

Equip you with relevant faith for 21st century life, 

Connect you with other real people, & 

Empower you to serve in the name of Jesus.

  • We are Equipped through Worship, Discipleship, and life-long  Faith Formation;
  • We Connect through Fellowship, Small groups, Service; 
  • We are Empowered through: Learning, Accompaniment, 
  • Community Engagement and Community Interaction.

Our Vision

This is the statement of the future we strive for within our Congregation and the community.  Our ministries and the community of Faith+Journey work to realize this goal: 

"So transformed by God’s abundant grace, Faith+Journey Lutheran Church  rejoices together in Christ-centered life, love and service."

Our Values

The values of a congregation are what we hold dear and protect. They represent our "prime directives."  Every ministry we fund must, in some way, support our values.   We, as a congregation value, and so we fully support ministries that reflect:

Real People

Relevant Ministry  

Relational Connections

Powerful Worship  

Meaningful Discipleship

Sacrificial Service

Life Long Faith Formation