On behalf of the entire Faith✟Journey Family, I want to personally thank you for making the ongoing mission and ministry of FJLC a priority in your life.

We are all too aware that there are many places you could place your financial resources and there are many worthy causes - thank you for entrusting us with your sacrificial support.

For a more detailed discussion of the practice of pledging and why it is plays such an important role in the life of this congregation, feel free to download our Stewardship Brochure, "Equipping the Saints."  In this short brochure you will find many of the most frequently asked questions addressed about pledging and supporting the ministry of Faith✟Journey

The form below is the online version of our pledge card.  You may use this form to confidentially communicate the level of your support to the ministries of Faith✟Journey.  Remember to press the "submit" button at the end of the form and, as always, any information that you share will be held strictly confidential.  Thank You!!