Supporting the work of the local congregation is one part of our response to the blessings that God has richly given us. Everything that we have is a gift from God and, in turn, God asks us to use a portion of the gifts we have to do God's work in the world. A portion of the work includes the ministries of Faith✟Journey Lutheran Church.

Each individual decides what their level of support will be - the Bible encourages the concept of the tithe (1/10) as the standard of how we are called to support our congregation. Whatever you decide, know that you support is coveted and cherished - without you - FJLC could not do the important work of Equipping, Connecting and Empowering people in the name of Jesus.

The three areas of our life where we are called to serve God in a very direct way is with our Time, our Talent, and our Treasure. 

If you would like information and opportunities to give of your Time and Talent - CLICK HERE - and fill out our T&T survey. You will be contacted by a team leader who will offer you opportunities to become involved in the life of FJLC. We are committed to not "locking you in" to a long term commitment. As always, the choice of how you serve and the length of your series is yours 😀

• Your financial support allows FJLC to do everything from turn on lights to minister to people in time of death. Because of the support we receive, FJLC has been able to accomplish so many great ministries - from our worship services to our amazing youth ministry.  So much of the ministry of FJLC takes place behind the scenes and so it is sometimes difficult to see the impact of your support.  Last year we were able to provide critical spiritual support to many families with in and outside the congregation.  Your support for FJLC impacts lives and makes it possible for us to EQUIP • CONNECT & • EMPOWER the lives of so many people.  For more information on how to financially support FJLC, CLICK HERE